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Hello there good people!

Well, it's been a while since I've had any time to write a new post here and I've just decided to write about my path this past few years.

True, I didn't post here much but I've been grinding 12-14 hours online daily, tried many projects, many failed some got through okay, doesn't matter to me much, what matters to me at this point is experience.

I've been building my stores daily, I've made probably around 50,000+ new designs and published them all on 4 stores (not this one here).

Now I'm remodeling this store from the start, I've deleted many of old design from my beginner years and I'm in the process of updating each and every product in funnyguystore.com. I've also made all new design of the store, still simple but a bit different.

Other projects were other different stores that are just not worth your time, I've created 10 youtube accounts and after a year I've filtered down to 2 of the best, now I'm deciding which one of the two will become my baby.

I've made TONS of videos in past 2 years, omg man. For example, all my channels have over 100 vids posted. The best channel has 602 videos posted, I got a very good understanding of Youtube algorythm now, so success should come naturally in future.

Oh right! GODDAMN KORONA!...

Nothing of this would be even closely possible if I haven't developed a system that works for me, each person should make their own system that fits their schedule, needs, wishes etc...

My system is very simple and it's routine, routine makes impossible possible, remember that. So I rather do 15 min. per project a day then nothing for a week and then 8 hours, that doesn't work for me, all projects would be discarted for sure. I also write all my daily goals in my notebook each morning and I make sure it's done before calling it a day. And that's it, sometimes months go by before I see any results on a specific project but due to so many projects there's always something new going on.

Well, that would be it, I have to go because I've just lost interest :)



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