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Pit Bull Dog Breed History

Facts History Pit Bull

Dogs are categorized in 100s of different breeds.

In the 1800s the Pit Bull was created by crossbreeding the traditional English Bull baiting dog or English Bulldog with a Terrier.

The English Bulldog was bred to take part in a rather barbaric form of animal fighting, called bull baiting. Where the dog control bulls and other large animals by bite it onto their faces and heads.

With the rise of welfare laws, blood sports, as they were called, were eventually deemed inhumane and outlawed in the UK in 1835. With that ban, it was decided that concealing underground dogfighting rings will be much easier than hiding a dog fighting with a bear or a bull.

So, humans decided to mix the strenght of the Bulldog with the agility of a Terrier. Creating what they believe was the supreme breed of dogs, ideal for fighting other dogs.

Even though, were nearly 200 years later, all of that history has led the Pit Bull to where they are today. The most feared and villainized dog in the world.

In the 70's, it was the Doberman, in the 90's it was the Rottweiler, but since the 2000, it's the Pit Bull.

So what exacly am I saying about Pit Bulls? I am saying that they have been stigmatized and used unjustly by humans to fight imagitanive battles for entertainment, to fight until surrender or death.

It's not in dogs nature to fight other dogs. If there is a dog that is fighting other dogs or attacking other people, that cause is always traced back to a human, always.

Say what you will about two dogs that don't get along, but those dogs don't hate each other, hate is a concious human choice, it is learned. Dogs of all different breeds can hangout and sniff each others butts, and some might like each other more than others but there is no hate.

With proper upbringing and training, any dog can be the best buddy you can imagine.

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