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The Origin Of A Basset Hound - Brief History

Basset Hound History Origins

The origin of a Basset Hound is traced back to France during the middle ages. A hunter named Hubert bred dogs that were similar to modern day bloodhounds.

During this time, Hubert became a monk and founded a monastery. After his death, his fellow monks continued to breed hounds, eventualy breeding a short legged strain of hunting dog, similar to what we now call a Basset Hound.

While popular with hunters, Basset wouldn't gain public fame until being entered in a dog shows during mid 1980's and they were a hit.

As a result of becoming so popuar it began being inbred. So, this problem was later solved when Basset was crossed with a bloodhound, creating the heavy-boned, scent driven standard. In short stature, allows the Basset to keep his amazing sniffer to the ground and his long ears helped to waft the scent towards the nose.

Not surprisingly, a Basset Hound is a perfect on foot hunter. The Basset Hound coat is short and oily and usually try or bicolor, with brown-white, tan, black or lemon being the most common.

The Basset Hound has earned a place in popular culture as well. The breed has been featured on the cover of Time magazine and is well know for being a mascote for the company Hush Puppies.

It's also been seen in multiple movies and tv series, both cartoon and live action. But the best place for Basset Hound possibly be found, is in your home.

With it's happy disposition and outgoing nature, the basset hound is a perfect family dog, with much love to give.

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